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The Shadow Warrior Association

Penetra Le Tenebre

The Shadow Warrior Association (SWA) is a nonprofit, private organization created to honor the history and legacy of the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations) (Airborne). Located on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the SWA accomplishes its charter by providing educational scholarships to the both 112th Soldiers and the children of 112th Soldiers, providing recognition to outstanding members of the signal community, and by ensuring the future prosperity of the 112th Signal Battalion.

Our Mission Statement:

To preserve the history of, and build the future of, the only Airborne Signal Battalion in the US Army.

Our Goals:

  • We must do everything in our power to ensure the current and future viability of the Army’s only Airborne Signal Battalion
  • We must also preserve and highlight the history and accomplishments of the 112th and its soldiers.
  • We must help to care for current and past 112th Soldiers and their families.
  • We must strengthen the bonds among 112th Soldiers to support camaraderie among alumni.
To join the Shadow Warriors Association , please register for membership.
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